Essentials of Health Cloud

Event Date: 
6 February, 2017 -
14:00 to 17:00
Dr. Rohit Ranchal (IBM)
There is an explosion of data in the healthcare and life sciences in the form of medical records, genomics data, medical images, exogenous data, and knowledge. As much of this data is moving to the cloud, a distinct cloud platform is required that satisfies processing, security and compliance requirements critical to the healthcare domain. A health cloud architecture is described along with various building blocks that provide domain-specific, workload-optimized, and value-added capabilities to address these requirements. It serves as a foundation enabling the development of industry-transforming solutions that combine big data from a variety of health sources at scale and generate insights to improve health outcomes. The unique challenges that occur in the realization of such an architecture are outlined and common healthcare use cases that leverage this architecture are presented.