Department of Computer Science and Engineering is planning to start a two year M. Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering from session 2017-2018. 


Objective of M.Tech. in Computer science and engineering is to prepare graduate students for their career in industry, research, higher studies, or entrepreneurship. To meet this broad objective, special focus is given on fundamentals of computer science complementing with enhancing their programming, communication, and analytical skills. Student specialize themselves in one area of computer science with number of electives and choose of M.Tech. project area according to the career they want to pursue.

Typical Plan:

Minimum credits to be earned: 61

1st Semester (12 – 18) credits

2nd Semester (12 to 18 credits)

PG Algorithms I

Foundation of Computer Science

PG software lab

Advanced Computer Architecture

Elective 1

Elective 3

Elective 2

Elective 4


PG seminar in computer science(Non credit)

3rd  Semester (12 – 18) credits

4th  Semester (12 to 18 credits)

Elective 5

Project Part 2

Project part 1



Program Core:

  1. CSL606: PG algorithms I

  2. CSL608: Foundation of computer science

  3. CSP609: PG software lab

  4. CSL610: Architecture of high performance computers

  5. CSS600: PG seminar in computer science

  6. CSP797: Project part 1

  7. CSP798: Project part 2

Program Electives: (any course offered by department of computer science and engineering having course number more than 600)

Current course offering is detailed below:


Theory courses

  1. CSL601:Computational complexity

  2. CSL602:Computational geometry

  3. CSL606: PG algorithms I

  4. CSL608: Foundation of computer science

  5. CSL613:Algorithms in Bioinformatics

  6. CSL701:Approximation algorithms

  7. CSL702:Randomized algorithms

  8. CSL703:Combinatorial optimizations

  9. CSL710:Algorithms exemplified

  10. CSL719: Algorithms II

   Systems courses

  1. CSP609: PG software lab

  2. CSL610: Advanced Computer Architecture

  3. CSL611:Real time systems

  4. CSL616:Wireless and adhoc networks

  5. CSL619: System Level Design and Modeling

  6. CSL704:Advanced operating systems

  7. CSL706:Advanced software architecture

  8. CSL707:Advanced topics in contemporary computing platforms

  9. CSL708:Advanced topics in internet technologies

  10. CSL713:Game theory in wireless networks

Application courses

  1. CSL603:Machine learning

  2. CSL605: Imaging systems and models

  3. CSL607: Multimedia systems

  4. CSL612:Artificial intelligence

  5. CSL614:Computer System Security

  6. CSL617:Image processing

  7. CSL618:Computer vision

  8. CSL631:Physics of medical imaging

  9. CSL705: Constraint programming

  10. CSL709: Network science

  11. CSL712: Advanced machine learning

  12. CSL714:Advanced image processing

  13. CSL715:Biomedical image processing & Analysis

  14. CSL716:Advanced computer vision

  15. CSL717: Affective Computing & Interaction

  16. CSL718:Artificial neural network

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