Balwinder Singh Sodhi

Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
119 S.Ramanujan Block, IIT Ropar
Bara Phool, Rupnagar PB 140001 India
s o d h i @ i i t r p r . a c . i n

"Live simply so that others may simply live." --MKG

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Classroom courses
  1. Computer Networks (CSL-343) Winter 2012
  2. Advanced Software Architecture (CSL-706) Autumn 2013
  3. Programming Paradigms and Pragmatics (CSL-202) Winter 2013 | Website (internal)
  4. Special Topics in Computer Systems (CSL-458) Winter 2013 | Website (internal)
Lecture slides and other material
  1. Cloud Computing - Motivation And Context (pdf)
  2. Cloud Platforms - Types And Properties (pdf)
  3. Software Architecture Issues On Cloud (pdf)
  4. Programming Quantum Computers (pdf)
  5. Introduction to Lex (pdf)
  6. Programming Paradigms (CSL202) (pdf)
  7. Quizzes, exams, assignments and other material from my courses can be found here.

Topics In Virtualization and Cloud Computing (pdf e-Book)