Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), and Centre for Applied Research in Data Science (CARDS) jointly offer a highly competitive four-year program leading to a B.Tech. degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (AIDE). This program attempts to provide undergraduate students with balanced exposure and advanced learning solutions to impart knowledge of advanced technologies such as machine intelligence, also referred to as deep learning and artificial cognition. Additionally, this quality curriculum is designed to allow students to create smart machines, apps, or applications that combine pioneer machine learning, graphics, and visualization technologies.Both departments have jointly taken up the challenge to build the initial momentum and attract more students by providing world-class faculty. We hope to provide better exposure to our students in hardware and experimental work over the course of time and ultimately recruit them to top industrial/research/academic organizations from India and abroad.

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The curriculum followed at IIT Ropar provides a comprehensive education, with a view to producing quality engineer scientists. It facilitates broad based knowledge acquisition and, simultaneously,nurtures a temper of lifelong learning and exploration. Broad objectives of the new curriculum are the following:

(a) It has focus on producing 21st century engineers and entrepreneurs,
(b) It offers more flexibility to students,
(c) It has novel and unique features to attract the brightest of students,
(d) It has better utilization of manpower and resources,
(e) It encourages industry academia interaction,
(f) It makes students more practical in approach,
(g) It imparts soft/managerial skills in addition to science and engineering fundamentals,
(h) It develops social responsibilities in students, and
(i) It prepares them for innovation.