Head of Department

Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: sudarshan@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Research Interests: Data Sciences and Analytics, Social networks, Social Computing and Collective Intelligence Dynamics.


Dr. Nitin Auluck
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: nitin@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: University of Cincinnati, USA
Research Interests: Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Parallel and Distributed Systems, Real-Time Systems.

Dr. Deepti R. Bathula
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: bathula@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Yale University, USA
Research Interests: Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Dr. Abhinav Dhall
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: abhinav@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Australian National University
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Affective Computing and Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Neeraj Goel
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: neeraj@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: IIT Delhi, India
Research Interests: Processor architecture, SoC design and modeling, Low power design, behavior synthesis, Reconfigurable computing and FPGAs, Retargatable code generation and compiler optimizations

Dr. Puneet Goyal
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: puneet@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Purdue University , USA
Research Interests: Image Processing/Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Security Analytics and Assistive Technologies.

Dr. Venkata M Viswanath Gunturi
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: gunturi@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Computer Science, University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Spatial and Spatio-temporal databases, Sptial data mining, Graph algorithms, Geographic Information Sciences, Transportation.

Dr. Shweta Jain
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: shwetajain@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Research Interests: Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning

Dr. Shashi Shekhar Jha
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: shashi@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: IIT Guwahati, India
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Multiagent Systems, Robotics, Bioinspired Algorithms

Dr. T V Kalyan
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: kalyantv@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Research Interests: Computer Architecture: Memory subsystem, Caches, Energy-efficient design.

Dr. Sudeepta Mishra
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: sudeepta@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Research Interests: Radio resource allocation,Interference management,Heterogeneous cellular networks,Small cell networking,5G and ad-hoc networks

Dr. Apurva Mudgal
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: apurva@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: Georgia Tech, USA
Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Approximation Algorithms, Theoretical Robotics, Computational Geometry

Dr. Sujata Pal
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: sujata@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: IIT Kharagpur, India
Research Interests: Mobile ad-hoc networks, Delay tolerant networks, Vehicular networks, Content centric networks, Wireless sensor networks.

Dr. Mukesh Saini
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: mukesh@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: National University of Singapore
Research Interests: Multimedia Systems, Visual Analytics, Surveillance, Privacy

Dr. Anil Shukla
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: anilshukla@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Complexity, Proof Complexity

Dr. Balwinder Sodhi
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: sodhi@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD: IIT Kanpur, India
Research Interests: Cloud computing, Software and its Engineering, Applied Computing

Dr. Basant Subba
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: basant.subba@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Research Interests: Network Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Security, Game Theory, Machine Learning

Dr. Jagpreet Singh
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: jagpreets@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India
Research Interests: Parallel and Distributed Systems, Wireless Network, Energy Harvesting, High Performance Computing.

Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Ganaie
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: mudasir@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India
Research Interests: Deep learning, Machine Learning, Support Vector Machines, Data Science, Neuroimaging.

Dr. Abhinandan SP
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: abhinandansp@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany
Research Interests: Cloud Computing, 6G, Edge AI and Cloud Sustainability.

Dr. Sukrit Gupta
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: sukrit.gupta@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore.
Research Interests: AI in Healthcare, Medical Image Analysis, and Complex Network Analysis.

Dr. Swapnil Vilas Dhamal
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: swapnil.dhamal@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Research Interests: Game Theory, Social Networks, Transportation Planning.

Dr. Geeta
Web Address : Click Here
Email-id: geeta@iitrpr.ac.in
PhD:Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Research Interests: Cyber-Physical systems security, IIoT security, Vulnerability risk assessment, Penetration testing.