Areas Of Research

Theoretical computer Science

Computational geometry, Approximation algorithms, Theoretical Robotics, Computational Complexity and Proof Complexity, Graph Theory, Discrete Geometry, Randomized Algorithms, Streaming Algorithms

Faculty: Dr. Apurva Mudgal,Dr. Anil Shukla, Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar, Dr. Somitra Kumar Sanadhya

Cloud computing, Software and its Engineering, Applied Computing

Faculty: Dr. Balwinder Sodhi

Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Parallel and Distributed Systems, Real-Time Systems

Faculty: Dr. Nitin Auluck

Wireless sensor networks and IoT

Pervasive computing, software defined networks, software defined radio, indoor navigation/positioning, Smart home/city

Faculty: Dr. Sujata PalDr. Balwinder Sodhi

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

Processor architecture, SoC design and modeling, Low power design, behaviour synthesis, Reconfigurable computing and FPGAs, Retargetable code generation and compiler optimizations

Faculty: Dr. Neeraj GoelDr. Shirshendu Das , Dr. T V Kalyan

Machine Learning and AI

Activity Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning,AI, Game Theory, Reinforcement Learning and , Application of AI

Faculty: Dr. Narayanan C Krishnan, Dr. Deepti R. Bathula, Dr. Abhinav DhallDr. Puneet GoyalDr. Shashi Shekhar JhaDr. Shweta Jain 

Ubiquitous Computing

Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Pervasive Health Care, ubiquitous and wearable computing
Faculty: Dr. Narayanan C Krishnan

Vision and image processing

Visual Analytics, Graphics, Computer Vision, Image and video processing, Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Faculty: Dr. Puneet Goyal, Dr. Deepti R. BathulaDr. Abhinav Dhall, Dr. Narayanan C KrishnanDr. Ram Subramanian

Security and Analytics

Faculty: Dr. Puneet Goyal , Dr. Somitra Kr Sanadhya

Cryptography and Network Security

Cryptography Protocols, Network Security, Secret Sharing Schemes, Secure MultipartyComputation.Design and anlaysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols, Side channel attacks

Faculty:  Dr. Somitra Kr Sanadhya

Computer Network/Wireless ad-hoc Networks

Mobile ad-hoc networks, Delay tolerant networks, Vehicular networks

Faculty: Dr. Sujata PalDr. Sudeepta Mishra

Human Centred Computing

Affective Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Multimodal Interfaces and Interaction, Health Informatics

Faculty: Dr. Abhinav DhallDr. Ram Subramanian


Social Networks and Crowd Computing

Faculty: Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar, Dr Viswanath Gunturi 

Geographic Information Systems

Spatial and spatio-temporal databases, Spatial data mining, Applied graph algorithms

Faculty: Dr Viswanath Gunturi

Multimedia Systems

Pervasive and mobile computing, Pervasive health care, Ubiquitous and wearable computing

Faculty: Dr Mukesh Saini

Surveillance and Safety

Video surveillance, Mullti-sensory behaviour analysis, Network and processing aware systems, Safety in smart cities

Faculty: Dr Mukesh Saini

Data Engineering and Management

Clustering, Graph Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Data Management, Big Data Analytics

Faculty: Dr. Balwinder Sodhi