Recent Publications

  1. Priyanka Kamboj, Shivang Khare, Sujata Pal , "Role-Based Access Control using Blockchain based Smart Contract", Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2021. (Accepted)

  2. A. Vyas, S. Pal, "Optimum Placement of Relay Nodes in WBANs for Improving the QoS of Indoor RPM System", IEEE Sensors Journal, 2021. (Accepted)

  3. N. Sharma, J. Jun, S. Pal, "Correlated Collision Problem of Contention based MAC Protocol in Low-Power Wireless Networks", IET Communications, 2021. (Accepted)

  4. Agrim Dewan, Poojith U Rao, Balwinder Sodhi, and Ritu Kapur, "BloatLibD: Detecting Bloated Libraries in Java Applications."

  5. Vineet Mehta, Parul Gupta, Ramanathan Subrarmanian and Abhinav Dhall, FakeBuster: A DeepFakes Detection Tool for Video Conferencing Scenarios, ACM IUI 2021 Demo

  6. Balwinder Sodhi and Ritu Kapur. "Quantum Computing Platforms: Assessing the Impact on Quality Attributes and SDLC Activities." [Accepted to be published in ICSA 2021].

  7. Ritu Kapur, Poojith U Rao, Shipra Sharma, and Balwinder Sodhi. "Using Paragraph Vectors to improve our existing code review assisting tool-CRUSO." [Accepted to be published in ISEC 2021]

  8. Gourav Wadhwa, Abhinav Dhall, Subramanian Murala and Usman Tartiq, Hyperrealistic Image Inpainting with Hypergraphs, WACV 2021 (accepted)

  9. Vineet Mehta, Abhinav Dhall, Sujata Pal and Shehroz Khan, “Motion and Region Aware Adversarial Learning for Fall Detection with Thermal Imaging, ICPR 2021 (accepted)

  10. Shreya Ghosh, Abhinav Dhall, Nicu Sebe and Tom Gedeon, Automatic Prediction of Group Cohesiveness in Images, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 2020 (accepted)

  11. A. Vyas, S. Pal, B. Saha, Relay-based Communications in WBANs: A ComprehensiveSurvey, ACM COMPUTING Survey, 2020 (Accepted).

  12. V. Agarwal, S. Pal, N. Sharma,V. Sethi, “Identification of Defective Nodes in Cyber-Physical System”, IEEE MASS, 2020 (Accepted).

  13. V. Sethi, S. Pal, A. Vyas, "Online Energy-efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Renewable Energy-powered Roadside units in VANETs", IEEE MASS, 2020 (Accepted).

  14. V. Agarwal, S. Pal, "Blockchain meets IoT: A Scalable Architecture for Security and Maintenance", IEEE MASS, 2020 (Accepted).

  15. Amit Arjun Verma, S.R.S. Iyengar, Simran Setia, and Neeru Dubey. "KDAP: An Open Source Toolkit to Accelerate Knowledge Building Research". International Symposium on Open Collaboration (Accepted).

  16. Poojith U Rao, Balwinder Sodhi and Ranjana Sodhi, "Cyber Security Enhancement of Smart Grids Via Machine Learning - A Review", in the 21st IEEE National Power Systems Conference (NPSC 2020) (Accepted).

  17. Parul Gupta, Komal Chugh, Abhinav Dhall, Ramanathan Subramaniam, The eyes know it: FakeET- An Eye-tracking Database to Understand Deepfake Perception, ICMI 2020 (accepted).

  18. Komal Chugh, Parul Gupta, Abhinav Dhall, Ramanathan Subramaniam, Not made for each other- Audio-Visual Dissonance-based Deepfake Detection and Localization, ACM Multimedia 2020 (accepted).

  19. Saibharath S, Sudeepta Mishra, and Chitta Ranjan Hota, "Quality of Service Driven Resource Allocation in Network Slicing", IEEE 91th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Spring 2020) (Accepted).